Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade my T-5 lights and still save energy?

Yes! Many of our customer's find that their payback is well under two years. Our customer's 10-year cash flows have been has high as $1.9 million for a large installation!  (Your savings will depend on how many lights you are replacing. The more lights the bigger the savings!)

How much will I save?

Your savings will depend on, 1) Hours of operation, 2) Existing light usage, 3)Light count, 4) Wattage of LED solution, 5)Lighting controls (i.e. Motion/Dimmers).

Perrysburg Energy will analyze your installed lights and recommended replacements and provide a detailed cost savings breakdown that will be a very close estimate to your actual savings.

What's the average payback period for an LED lighting project?

Almost all of our projects have a payback of less than two years. Some are less than a year. We will do a complete financial analysis of your project before getting started.

Why should I use a specialized lighting contractor like Perrysburg Energy and not my regular construction contractor for a lighting project?

  1. Regular electrical contractors that don’t specialise in lighting have a limited product selection. They usually only sell from a few manufacturers and brands that they do business which that often results in more expensive fixtures than necessary or incorrect fixtures used because of lack of choice.

  2. Specialized lighting contractors like Perrysburg Energy will do a detailed engineering analysis of your current lighting inventory and specify what replacement equipment is best, and then create a full financial impact report and project budget.

  3. Engineered value. That means experience and understanding of what fixtures will provide the best light for the least amount of money. Perrysburg Energy engineers every solution for every job to provide the exact right lighting for the least cost and fastest payback. 

  4. Experience with rebate opportunities. Perrysburg Energy works with all regional energy providers to source all available rebates for your project. We have experience working within the utility bureaucracy so you you don't have to learn how or get frustrated trying.

How long do LED lights last?

Long life time stands out as the number one benefit of LED lights. LED bulbs and diodes have an outstanding operational life time expectation of sometimes up to 100,000 hours.

This is 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50% operation. If you leave on the LED fixture for 8h per day it would take around 20 years before you’d have to replace the LED bulb.

LED’s are different from standard lighting: They don’t burn out and stop working like a standard light, but slowly emit lower output levels over a very long period of time and become less bright.

All lights have an expected (or guaranteed) lifespan in hours. Your lighting lifespan (in years) will depend on how many hours they burn each day.