The following are a few of the many benefits of LED lighting.


COST Savings

Long life and energy savings are the top ranked benefits to using LED lighting. LED bulbs generally have a lifespan of 20 years at 60% usage, and never need to have bulb changes like traditional lighting. When considering the cost savings in maintenance bulb changes and raw energy savings, the payback period for almost every Perrysburg Energy project is less than two years. After the payback period your company will have significant savings per year. We provide a comprehensive financial impact report and help get available rebates when developing a project plan so you know exactly how much you will save before getting started.

Example savings from recent jobs:

10-year cumulative cash-flow     $ 347,496     ROI: 54%

10-year cumulative cash-flow     $ 260,377     ROI: 86%


Less maintenance and safer work ENVIRONMENTS

We all know what a hassle changing bulbs and balasts can be. Most accidents at work involve ladders or lifts and the fewer times maintenace has to go up the ladder to change a bulb or balast the safer (and happier) they will be. 

We've had factory floor workers thank us for the better lighting and say that they can finally see without bringing in supplementary lighting. Excellent lighting is critical for a safe workplace. 

employees are happier and more productive


Let's face it, people do better work when they can really see what they're doing and LED lighting provides the best lighting possible for most work environments. Perrysburg Energy designs the right lighting solutions in both lumens and temperature for an optimal work environment. 

HR Departments are initiating LED lighting projects to attract a younger workforce and boost corporate image. We install sample lighting so you will see just how good new lighting will look in your location before moving forward with a project.