Engineered Solutions. Dramatic Savings.

Perrysburg Energy was started by Scott Thompson, a lighting engineer, to deliver better quality lighting solutions. We are vendor neutral and we test and vet both products and suppliers then only sell high quality products with a proven track record. Our installation crews always have a licensed electrician on site. By engineering the exact right lights, Perrysburg Energy delivers just the right lighting solutions with least cost, fastest payback, and guaranteed results. We even do the leg work to get you all available energy rebates. We are a complete, end-to-end solution with engineered product selection, installation, and support.

From automotive to warehouses to factories to schools to large office buildings, the more lights you have the more money you can save. Let us show you the numbers and make you an LED lighting hero in your company. Your coworkers will love you for the lighting, your CEO and/or shareholders will love you for the cost savings, and your facilities people will love you the most for fewer trips up the ladder and lift for bulb changes!

The savings are dramatic. So much so that even when using our zero down financing, your company will still have significant savings. Let us run the numbers and we will tell you how much you can save. We know you'll be surprised. 


Massive Energy Savings

Our engineered solutions provide massive energy savings with lower maintenance costs and faster payback than any solution on the market, typically in less than two years.


Clean, Professional Installation

Perrysburg Energy's licensed and fully insured installation teams are clean, unobtrusive, and professional. We guarantee a timely installation with as few interruptions to your business as possible.


First-in-Class Products

We right-size products and source directly from factories.  We are not tied to or aligned with any single vendor so you get the products that make sense for you. Perrysburg Energy delivers superior, name brand quality products with direct source savings.